Classic Burger + Fries = €12


Discover the Ellis signature our Son of A Peach and Bluerry Virgin Mocktails!

Sip Sip Hooray

New: Mac & Cheese Smashed Burger

2 Smashed Beef Burger patties | Mac & Cheese topping | Bacon Jam | Caramelized onions | Cheddar | Pickles | Red onion| Tomato | Fresh Lettuce


Ellis’ Foodie Burgers

Chick'n Crisp Burger - Ellis Gourmet Burger

Mac & Cheese Smashed Burger

Korean Barbecue

Alpine Burger bij Ellis

Divine Alpine

Ellis Naked Burger

LUNCH MENU – Naked Burger


Ellis Classic Cheese & Bacon


The Beyond Burger w/ Vegan Cheese


Funky Chicken 2.0


Ellis Special 2.0

Ellis Classic Cheese

Ellis Classic Bacon


Holy Shiitake

Ellis Updates

Ellis Gourmet Burger - Mac & Cheese Smashed Burger

Mac & Cheese Smashed Burger

The Mac & Cheese Smashed Burger will get you all the way with: 

Two smashed beef patties and Mac & Cheese pasta topping included!

Korean Barbecue Burger

Ready for the K-food sensation? The Gangnam Style BBQ is our new-burger-on-the-block with Korean flavours.

Rodeo Sunset Burger at Ellis Gourmet Burger with logo

Rodeo Sunrise

Amigos! The new Rodeo Sunrise has arrived!

Alpine Burger bij Ellis

The new Divine Alpine Burger!

Slide your ski boots under the table and bring the après ski to your plate because here is our newest burger: The Divine Alpine Burger.


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