White Peach – Homemade Ice Tea

Homemade Ice Tea with peach

Hibiscus Raspberry – Homemade Ice Tea

Homemade Ice Tea with crunch of raspberry, citrus and mint.

Classic Citrus – Homemade Ice Tea

Homemade Ice Tea with a base of orange, lemon and mint.

Ellis Craft Lemon Lemonade

Homemade natural lemonade with lemon. No added additives. Little sugar, full of flavour!

Ellis Craft Orange Lemonade

Homemade natural lemonade with orange and ginger. No added additives. Little sugar, full of flavour!

Ellis Super Collins – Cocktail

Pomegranate gin, elderflower cordial, seabuckthorn juice, cranberry juice & peychauds bitters. Garnished with green lime

Smokey Ginger – Cocktail

Whiskey, lapsang tea, sugar, honey, ginger juice & lime juice. Topped with rosemary & candied ginger

Rumble in the Jungle – Cocktail

Rum, Aperol, Campari, pineapple cordial, sugar & cranberry bitters. Topped with Yuzu foam

Son of a Peach – Mocktail

Peach juice, sugar, honey, elderflower, carawayseeds, orangeblossom, water. Garnished with thyme & lime

Aperol Spritz

One of the most popular aperitifs of the moment with Aperol, prosecco and sparkling water.

La Chouffe

Achouffe’s showstopper. Unfiltered blonde beer with 8% alcohol that undergoes secondary fermentation in the bottle. This fruity beer is spiced with coriander and has a slight hop flavour.


Natural beer with a subtle bitterness, a refined aroma and a pronounced hop character. A true classic.

Fever Tree Indian Tonic

Premium Indian tonic, the ideal partner for cocktails or ultimate thirst quencher on its own

Copperhead gin is a soft Belgian gin that contains various botanicals such as juniper, orange peel, coriander seed, angelica and cardamon. The gin has a soft and fresh scent with citrus influences, with spicy accents. An ideal flavour enhancer.


Fresh and fruity beer with citrus, coriander and cinnamon.

Jupiler 0.0

100% Jupiler, 0% alcohol.


Red fruit beer with an alcohol content of 3.8%. It is a mixture of beer and natural fruit juices of strawberry, cherry, blueberry and elderberry.


Dark brown beer based on aniseed, liquorice and a touch of caramel.


White wine with aromas of flowers and fruit with notes of fresh butter and hazelnut.

Triple d’Anvers

Antwerp beer with a sweet taste and sparkling notes. With subtle hints of orange peel and coriander.


Blonde premium beer.