Rodeo Sunset Burger at Ellis Gourmet Burger with logo

Amigos! The new Rodeo Sunrise has arrived!

Saddle up because we’re going all ‘gringo’ wild style: A 100% Beef burger topped with smokey chorizo marmalade, aged Manchego cheese, arugula and red onion. The crispy bacon and tangy brava sauce add an extra kick to this rodeo ride. The delicious sunny side up egg* on top provides the extra sunny taste experience.

Vamooooos! Let’s get this fiesta started.

*In Take-Out and Delivery without the egg

Parmesan Potato Churros

Complete the experience with the delicious Parmesan Potato Churros! Crunchy on the outside, soft and creamy on the inside – each bite is a mouthwatering combination of savoury potato and rich Parmesan cheese. Dip ’em in the soft rosemary dip and you will melt away in a flash. A match made in heaven, the perfect partners in crime.

Parmesan Potato Churros