Out with the old, in with the new!

We turn 10 years old this year. About damn time for a new look. Think lots of color, think rock & roll, think ‘In your bl**dy face’. That’s right.

Straight to the point

Goodbye gourmet burger, hello Ellis! We have already experimented a bit with other dishes, but sh*t just got real. Starting with the summer menu, we’re going way beyond just premium burgers. Comfort dishes for everyone’s taste. Sizzling Rib-Eye, Glazed Ribs, Steak tartare (which, strange but true, we also made a vegan version), Pulled-meat Stews and a whole range of meat- & plant-based finger food. Stay tuned here or on our socials for more info!

No worries, everyone is still welcome for their burger cravings too.

Any ideas on what you’ll try first?

Ellis reinvents the hamburger

A hamburger in a box? At ELLIS you can now try it out. We’ve completely changed the traditional concept of a burger between 2 buns, and came up with an original interpretation; the Loaded Burger Box.

The box is filled with fresh fries, topped with a generous portion of cheese sauce, and topped with a grilled beef burger with cheddar. The whole thing is brightened up with delicious and colorful toppings.

There’s even a veggie version with our famous Beyond Burger. Comfort food? YOU GOT IT!

Now available in take-out and delivery.