Prawn Party

Summer is here ! Forget your jacket. Time for skinny dipping! Wait, no sea in sight? We’ll bring it at your table with our Prawn Party. 3 new dishes based on prawns. I mean KING PRAWNS!

The Sizzling Prawns, the King Prawn Salad and for the burger fanatics, the Surf & Turf.
Craving already? Get over here quickly!

You’re more than welcome. Book yourself a seat at your nearest Ellis.  

A Surf & Turf at your place? All good. Just visit our order page.

Surf & Turf Prawn Burger

Meet our Surf & Turf Prawn Burger. This magical combo was invented in California and we’ve created our very own version.

It combines a classic Ellis beef burger with delicious king prawns, chorizo, rouille and Provolone cheese.

Unusual? Yes of course. This is Ellis…

Surf & Turf Prawn Burger

The Sizzling Prawns

Another member of our Sizzling Crew! After the Irish Angus Steak, the Pulled Beef Stew and the Casserole another star is born to rock your world.

These delicious king prawns are served with our secret spiced butter.

Today’s tip: save some of it to dip with your bread or fries.

Sizzling Prawns

The King Prawn Salad

Eat those damn veggies! And have a blast!

Our new King Prawn Salad is served with fennel, cherry tomatoes, red onions, sourdough bread and rouille.

Who said salads are boring? We think this one is pretty rock and roll!

King Prawn Salad