Ellis Loaded Box Range


Get seated & be treated!

Remember our Loaded Burger Box, the self-crowned king of comfort food?
Well, it just had a couple of very tasty siblings!

Safety notice. These items will be lit.
Only unbox when safe!

Loaded Box – Chicken BBQ

Chick it out: the Loaded Chicken BBQ box combines tenderly grilled chicken, crispy bacon, and our tasty-as-hell Ellis BBQ sauce, alongside some fresh toppings.

Loaded Box BBQ Chicken

Loaded Box – Pulled Pork

Like it even comfortablerer? (yes we made that word up) Our Pulled Pork Cheddar box is made of slow cooked marinated pulled pork, grated cheddar, and a hand full of delicious toppings.

Loaded Box – Pulled Pork