Ellis – Franchising

At Ellis We provide a unique opportunity to partner up with our brand as we embark on an ambitious expansion journey.
By setting up a solid franchising framework, we provide an efficient guidance to achieve your growth objectives.

Please express your interest, and we will contact you shortly to explore this exciting opportunity with you.
Therefore, we commit to a transparent, simple, and well structured application process.

We sincerely believe in strong partnerships, led by clear and effective communication, and we will strive to fulfil that from the outset.

See you soon?

“Ellis is a proven, successful and fulfilling opportunity”

“I have been excited by hospitality for years and in my heart, I always knew that I wanted to control my own destiny, build my own business, and create something of value. Having Ellis as a solid brand and concept behind me made the decision easy, not only by its extensive product range and its operational processes, but also by being provided a safety net for any hesitations.”

Michael Gael, our first franchisee and owner of Ellis Parly 2, Le Chesnay – France since September 2020


Stef Meulemans, CEO of Top Brands, and Michael Gael

€ 25K

Initial Fee


Royalty Fee

10 Years

Contract Duration

€400k – €600k

Exc. TAV | Depending on Surface