Ellis Gourmet Burger Mac and Cheese Smashed Burger

Hooooly Macaroni!

Brace yourselves for the latest Ellis ‘Smashing’ new limited edition burger!

The Mac & Cheese Smashed Burger is so much more than your ordinary smash burger, it’s a culinary revolution! Comfort food all-the-way, with a rebellious twist.

So, what’s so special about the Mac & Cheese Smashed Burger?

This Burger will get you all the way with:

  • Two smashed beef patties
  • Mac & Cheese pasta topping
  • Bacon Jam  Twist with Caramelised Onion
  • Heavenly Cheddar slices
  • Pickles, Red onion, Tomato and fresh lettuce

Why would you wait any longer? This all-American Gourmet Burger is a limited edition. Find an Ellis near you and treat yourself, baby!


Crusty Flaked Chicken

Juicy on the inside, golden brown and totally temping on the outside. The Ellis signature Crusty Flaked Chicken will deliver the crunch you so desperately desire.

Combined with the Ellis homemade taragon sauce – to die for!

Loaded Grilled Nachos – nu met Pulled Beef upgrade!

These crunchy grilled bad boys are abundantly topped with cheese and fresh toppings like tomato salsa, guacamole and jalapeños. Make it your favorite guilty pleasure by adding the juicies Ellis pulled beef on top!

Ellis Gourmet Burger - Loaded Grilled Nachos