Amsterdam Singel

Singel 161A, 1012 VK Amsterdam

+31 20 2441 531

Lun-Dim: 12u-21u

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The Burger taste really good and the personal was friendly too. I will come again. Thx for the lighter 😉

Oli Fleck

Really good burgers and high quality

Erik Tomaschek

The best Caesar Salad of my life!

We had Onion Rings as a Starter, 2 Caesar Salads, and a Burger on top. And everything was really delicious! The service was high as f+ck, but thats cool with me. He still was very friendly, and well, slow and relaxed ;D

I read some bad stuff about this place in the recessions before writing my own, but I can´t say anything negative about the cook at all.

Plus the views is absolutly beautiful !

Only thing I can´t recommend is the wine section! We tasted 3 of them, and we

Czesh Rawks

I was yesterday at Ellis In Amsterdam and I had a perfect experience. The lady who understands 7 languages was very kind even with the most unfriendly guests I’ve ever seen. Good food but even greater and better service! Thank you for your service.

Andre Duarte

Nice and friendly team, very tasty burgers with good quality of meat. Definetely worth to try.

Przemyslaw Zuchowski